Val's Christmas List 2008

The time has come once again to post my Christmas List online for my family. :) So here it is...(so far)

Online/mail order only:
Guitar Room's Side Table

Available online or at Atomic Comics, Borders, or Barnes & Noble:
Empowered Volume 4
The Tokyo Look Book
Air Gear volume 10
Life volume 11
Parasyte volume 5
Parasyte volume 6

Available at the nearest mall or retail storel:
Bathroom floor mat that goes around the toilet, and matching toilet seat cover. My bathroom colors are purple, light green, and beige.
New bed pillows! One king size pillow and two regular pillows. (yes, I do sleep with 3 pillows) I like my pillows like I like my men....FIRM! (lol jk but seriously...FIRM PILLOWS!)
Long mirror to hang on the back of my door, mirrors to hang on the wall, mirrors in cool shapes...can't have too many mirrors.
2009 Calendar
Small 5x7 lined notebooks for sketching
Picture frames (silver, black, white, metal, gold)
Photo Books (I like SMALL photo books, only fits one or two photos per page)

Available at frys electronics:
Pioneer CD/DVD burner (MUST be pioneer brand! It is the best!)
16gb SDHC card (NOT micro sd)(don't spend more than $40 on this)
Wacom cintiq12wx tablet (hey, a girl can dream, can't she?)
Oki c3400n black toner (finally ran out of black...also available on ebay!!!)

Please Please Please do not buy me clothes! (unless it is an item from the list below)

Small hair barrettes. (small or medium size only, get the kind that have the metal fastener or else I have problems putting them in my hair correctly)
Those oversized long sleeve sweaters that button up the front. any color except brown.
Knee socks, over the knee socks, legwarmers. Get me basic colors = grey, black, white. pink and blue are also okay.
Bikini panties and thongs. size 6. any color is fine.
Long sleeve basic tight t-shirts (from stores like forever21 or charolette) all colors, but make sure they are plain. no prints. no v-neck!
Grey Vest (size medium)
Sweater Vests

Cant go wrong with gift cards! Favorite places to shop:
Macy's (where I buy clinique)
Sephora (where I buy makeup)
Old Navy
Olive Garden
Mimi's Cafe
Texas Roadhouse
Fry's Electronics
Fast foods: Arby's, Wendy's, Del Taco, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Sonic, Long John Silvers, KFC, Subway, Steak Escape
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Fan Art

I love getting fan art! It feels so good to know that your art has touched someone else in such a way that they feel they need to draw your character in appreciation. :D People who draw fanart inspire me to do better, so thanks to everyone who has helped me to grow as an artist by drawing fanart of Roller Girl or Summer Snowflake!

Thank You!
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Japanese Dramas

This week I found out that one of the mangas that i'm reading, Life, is also a live action drama. Of course I had to watch it! XD

OMG it's sooooo good. I think the drama might be better than the manga. O.O
You can go watch it here
It's only 11 episodes long, each episode is around 45 minutes. It's a drama about a high school girl who is bullied at school, and how she fights back to overcome the bullying.

The casting is really good, they chose the perfect actors to play all the characters! I can't believe how closely they look to the characters in the manga. ^^
My favorite characters in the live action version are Shiiba Ayumu and Manami. I really like them both for different reasons. I enjoy characters like Ayumu because she is very strong in spirit and determination. I enjoy characters like Manami because she is smart in the way she manipulates the people around her to get what she wants. It's really strange to me how I like manami in the live action version, and I didn't really care for her in the manga, and how I really liked hatori in the manga, but in the live action version, I don't care for her that much. :/

After watching that series, I decided to see if any of the other mangas that I read have been turned into dramas...

And then I found this
Absolute boyfriend is also a drama! I'm not sure at the moment weather I like the drama or the manga for this one yet. It's ongoing right now, and there are only 2 episodes online. I'm going to be watching it as more episodes are released. The drama follows a similar storyline to the manga, but the setting is completely different. The manga is a high school setting, but in the live action drama, the characters are already graduated from school and working together.
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Val's Christmas List 2007

Yep, it's that time again! My grandma asked me for a list of some things that I want this year. Please note that some of these items have a link to a picture in case you don't know what it looks like. Sorry I could not find a picture for everything. :/

Oki 3400n printer toner (ink) refil cartridge in Cyan and Magenta
you can buy this online at the Okidata Website ( but it's really expensive there. Ebay is better for cheaper prices. I think they might also sell this in office supply stores or Frys Electronics.
($100 each for 2k pages of toner, $60 each for 1k pages of toner)

Dry Erase markers with fine tip (sharpie size, not the fat ones)
(less than $10)

White Printer Paper 500 pack or larger (to use for my printer and also to draw on at home. Don't worry about getting too much, I will use it eventually)
($7 for 500 pack)

White Cardstock Paper (also for my printer)
($15-$20 per pack?)

Empowered by Adam Warren volumes 1 and 2 (are you proud of me? I only put one comic book on the list this time ^^)
($15 each)

Large LCD HDTV (for the living room)
($700 and up)

Singstar Pop with microphones for Playstation2 (video game)

500gb SATA hard drive by western digital or seagate (NOT maxtor!!!!)

DVD burner (for my current burner is having problems and will probably die out soon)
($30 and up)

Wristwatch (something with bright colors, pink, stars, lightningbolts, or an 80's cartoon character on it)

Calendar (disney princess, pirates of the caribbean, or harry potter please!)
($10 or less)

Small notebooks to draw in (small enough to fit in my lunch box at work) (they can be lined paper, if you do get blank drawing paper make sure to get smooth paper and not sketch paper)
(less than $5)

Composition notebooks (I use these for comic layouts along with sticky notes)
(around $1 each)

Sticky note pads (just get me the regular square ones...I don't need fancy ones. I just want these to animate with :)
(less than $1 each or $4 for a pack of 12 at target)

Of course I also love gift cards! Here is a list of places that I go to often that have gift cards.
Frys Electronics (located on baseline and priest)
Walmart (you can get these by cashing in your coins at any coinstar machine inside frys marketplace)
Atomic Comics
Olive Garden
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(no subject)

I was watching this anime called: Mao Chan "I will protect the peace of Japan!"

I think this scene is hilarious! The girl with the grey hair has an English/Aussie accent and is a little ditzy. (she is my favorite because I like the crazy things she says) The tall girl with the camera is an upperclassman, the school president. The three small girls are all members of the elementary school defence team, who fights "cute" aliens. This part isn't about all that though, it's just a random funny moment...I should do this the next time I am taking a picture with a large group of people and see what happens...

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Roller Animation

New comic?

I have been thinking a lot about writing a comic...and just didn't really know where to begin...

I finally just thought "screw it", and so now I'm starting right in the middle. LOL ^___^

It's just a WIP right now....i'm going to add text and bubbles instead of the crappily drawn out speech bubbles and handwritten dialogue I have here eventually. I just wanted to get it out there and ask everyone for their input. I will be adding backgrounds and using the manga screen tones in the final version. *squee* I'm so excited!

It would be helpful if everyone wrote just a little bit about what you think the characters personalities are like based on these 4 pages...I know it's not a lot to go on, but I would really appreciate any input at this point. it is...

Oh yeah, the character's names are
Fakefrost (girl with the long hair, glasses, and fuzzy coat)
Karrson (dude in the tank top with the bishonen hair)
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You scored as Anakin. Oh baby, you picked Anakin! Man this guy is hot, but he has a passion for the dark side and he takes what he wants when he wants it. Agressive Negotiations will be part of your life now, but that has plus the bedroom perhaps.






Luke Skywalker


Han Solo






Who Is your Star Wars loverrr? (for girls)
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