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Val's Christmas List 2007

Yep, it's that time again! My grandma asked me for a list of some things that I want this year. Please note that some of these items have a link to a picture in case you don't know what it looks like. Sorry I could not find a picture for everything. :/

Oki 3400n printer toner (ink) refil cartridge in Cyan and Magenta
you can buy this online at the Okidata Website ( but it's really expensive there. Ebay is better for cheaper prices. I think they might also sell this in office supply stores or Frys Electronics.
($100 each for 2k pages of toner, $60 each for 1k pages of toner)

Dry Erase markers with fine tip (sharpie size, not the fat ones)
(less than $10)

White Printer Paper 500 pack or larger (to use for my printer and also to draw on at home. Don't worry about getting too much, I will use it eventually)
($7 for 500 pack)

White Cardstock Paper (also for my printer)
($15-$20 per pack?)

Empowered by Adam Warren volumes 1 and 2 (are you proud of me? I only put one comic book on the list this time ^^)
($15 each)

Large LCD HDTV (for the living room)
($700 and up)

Singstar Pop with microphones for Playstation2 (video game)

500gb SATA hard drive by western digital or seagate (NOT maxtor!!!!)

DVD burner (for my current burner is having problems and will probably die out soon)
($30 and up)

Wristwatch (something with bright colors, pink, stars, lightningbolts, or an 80's cartoon character on it)

Calendar (disney princess, pirates of the caribbean, or harry potter please!)
($10 or less)

Small notebooks to draw in (small enough to fit in my lunch box at work) (they can be lined paper, if you do get blank drawing paper make sure to get smooth paper and not sketch paper)
(less than $5)

Composition notebooks (I use these for comic layouts along with sticky notes)
(around $1 each)

Sticky note pads (just get me the regular square ones...I don't need fancy ones. I just want these to animate with :)
(less than $1 each or $4 for a pack of 12 at target)

Of course I also love gift cards! Here is a list of places that I go to often that have gift cards.
Frys Electronics (located on baseline and priest)
Walmart (you can get these by cashing in your coins at any coinstar machine inside frys marketplace)
Atomic Comics
Olive Garden
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