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Val's Christmas List 2008

The time has come once again to post my Christmas List online for my family. :) So here it is...(so far)

Online/mail order only:
Guitar Room's Side Table

Available online or at Atomic Comics, Borders, or Barnes & Noble:
Empowered Volume 4
The Tokyo Look Book
Air Gear volume 10
Life volume 11
Parasyte volume 5
Parasyte volume 6

Available at the nearest mall or retail storel:
Bathroom floor mat that goes around the toilet, and matching toilet seat cover. My bathroom colors are purple, light green, and beige.
New bed pillows! One king size pillow and two regular pillows. (yes, I do sleep with 3 pillows) I like my pillows like I like my men....FIRM! (lol jk but seriously...FIRM PILLOWS!)
Long mirror to hang on the back of my door, mirrors to hang on the wall, mirrors in cool shapes...can't have too many mirrors.
2009 Calendar
Small 5x7 lined notebooks for sketching
Picture frames (silver, black, white, metal, gold)
Photo Books (I like SMALL photo books, only fits one or two photos per page)

Available at frys electronics:
Pioneer CD/DVD burner (MUST be pioneer brand! It is the best!)
16gb SDHC card (NOT micro sd)(don't spend more than $40 on this)
Wacom cintiq12wx tablet (hey, a girl can dream, can't she?)
Oki c3400n black toner (finally ran out of black...also available on ebay!!!)

Please Please Please do not buy me clothes! (unless it is an item from the list below)

Small hair barrettes. (small or medium size only, get the kind that have the metal fastener or else I have problems putting them in my hair correctly)
Those oversized long sleeve sweaters that button up the front. any color except brown.
Knee socks, over the knee socks, legwarmers. Get me basic colors = grey, black, white. pink and blue are also okay.
Bikini panties and thongs. size 6. any color is fine.
Long sleeve basic tight t-shirts (from stores like forever21 or charolette) all colors, but make sure they are plain. no prints. no v-neck!
Grey Vest (size medium)
Sweater Vests

Cant go wrong with gift cards! Favorite places to shop:
Macy's (where I buy clinique)
Sephora (where I buy makeup)
Old Navy
Olive Garden
Mimi's Cafe
Texas Roadhouse
Fry's Electronics
Fast foods: Arby's, Wendy's, Del Taco, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Sonic, Long John Silvers, KFC, Subway, Steak Escape
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