May 4th, 2008


Japanese Dramas

This week I found out that one of the mangas that i'm reading, Life, is also a live action drama. Of course I had to watch it! XD

OMG it's sooooo good. I think the drama might be better than the manga. O.O
You can go watch it here
It's only 11 episodes long, each episode is around 45 minutes. It's a drama about a high school girl who is bullied at school, and how she fights back to overcome the bullying.

The casting is really good, they chose the perfect actors to play all the characters! I can't believe how closely they look to the characters in the manga. ^^
My favorite characters in the live action version are Shiiba Ayumu and Manami. I really like them both for different reasons. I enjoy characters like Ayumu because she is very strong in spirit and determination. I enjoy characters like Manami because she is smart in the way she manipulates the people around her to get what she wants. It's really strange to me how I like manami in the live action version, and I didn't really care for her in the manga, and how I really liked hatori in the manga, but in the live action version, I don't care for her that much. :/

After watching that series, I decided to see if any of the other mangas that I read have been turned into dramas...

And then I found this
Absolute boyfriend is also a drama! I'm not sure at the moment weather I like the drama or the manga for this one yet. It's ongoing right now, and there are only 2 episodes online. I'm going to be watching it as more episodes are released. The drama follows a similar storyline to the manga, but the setting is completely different. The manga is a high school setting, but in the live action drama, the characters are already graduated from school and working together.
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